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lamb cuts and choices
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Lamb Cuts      
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1. Scrag End
The cheaper end of the lamb, excellent for use in hot pots and similar dishes.

2. Middle Neck
Traditionally chopped through and used in braising dishes, now removed form the bone to leave a soft tender piece of meat.

3. Best End
The lamb equivalent of a fillet of beef, ideal for roasting.

4. Shoulder
Best used for roasting and dicing.
5. Loin
The source of many things, lamb chops, saddle and noisettes, can be pan fryed, grilled or roasted.

6. Breast
Traditionally would be boned, stuffed, rolled and roasted. Nowadays used a great deal in the kebab trade.

7. Chump
A rump of lamb, a nice piece of meat which is pan-fried, roasted and sliced through to serve.

8. Leg
The classic roasting joint, on the bone for maximum flavour.

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