Wildbloods Butchers is based in the heart of the Lancashire Hills, ideally placed within easy reach of some fantastic local farms rearing healthy animals to serve our clients. All our meat is freshly prepared on the premises by our fully qualified butchers. We can guarantee the best quality of meats and take a huge pride in everything we do. We are also pleased to announce that we have achieved a 5 Star Hygiene Rating with the Foods Standard Agency.


All of our lamb cuts that you can purchase instore are locally sourced where ever possible. Lamb quality from different farms can vary throughout the year depending on conditions that effect the grass on which the animals feed.

We stock all the usual joints and chops that you would expect from a quality butcher. these include crown roasts, lamb racks, loin fillets, noisettes and butterflyed legs of lamb.


We offer Beef in all its forms... One of the most popular meats and we have a wide range for you to choose from including: rump steaks, sirloin steaks, fillet and braising steaks. Added to this we have diced beef and minced beef. Our beautiful beef cuts are specially chosen, matured on the bone which deliver fantastic flavour. From succulent family roasts, super tender steaks to delicious diced steak for stews and the perfect barbecue burger.

We stock only the finest British beef cuts, treating it with care and attention it deserves to ensure the taste is delicious when it reaches your plate.


One of our popular meats within store is pork. You are always guaranteed a good piece of meat when you choose pork and we have a wide variety of cuts including pork chops, pork steaks and pork joints. Specially selected for the finest flavour our pork is tender, succulent and juicy. Enjoy premium free range roasts, hand cut and fully matured.

When your instore and viewing our pork range, do not be surprised if you see it on our counter with some fat on. All good pork should be reasonably fatty as ithis allows you to cool your joint with a succulent crackling!


We supply a wide range of poultry including whole birds, fillets, breasts and oven-ready dishes. With too much emphasis on speedy results and a low cost, regardless of the impact on welfare and the environment. We buck this trend and only supply poultry where the welfare of the bird comes first.

We also stock a fantastic range of locally sourced turkey and duck coming up to the Christmas period.