We make our 'award winning' pies in-house, using the same high quality meat that we sell instore. We don't hold back on the fillings either, these succulent and tasty pies really are filled to the crust. They are then wrapped in a light puff pastry top with a short crust base. delicious! but we suggest you don’t just take our word for it, try one yourself today and make your own judgement.

In addition to offering the highest quality pies around our in-house butchers are are friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help with any questions you may have on preparing and cooking our meats.


Our experienced sandwich team are producing a feast of mouth watering sandwiches making the most of the fabulous produce on offer in our shop.

We have quickly become the go to sandwich shop for the best quality breakfast and lunch muffins, baguettes and wraps. Of which all are made fresh to order to suit your requirements.


With Wildbloods having many years of experience in the delicatessen trade, we feel we have the finest cooked meats in the area. Many of which are produced on our own premises as to ensure that they are a natural product which hasn't been injected with water like many of todays products available from the supermarkets.

We have a wide selection of local award winning cheeses from the Forrest of Bowland, Chipping and Garstang area. We also sell fabulous 1lb pork pies, baked off on our premises and sell Jacksons famous rag puddings and catering meat and potato pies.


Here at Wildbloods we also supply to the catering industry, wether that be hotels, restaurants or nursing homes.

We are able to give a bespoke service making the type of product you require to the highest standards. All our meat products are locally sourced and are guaranteed to be of the finest quality in the North West.

Lets start a conversation about your business and what you need from a trusted supplier.